The Lucky One: Book 3 of 52

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I want to  apologize for my absence. My computer broke last week and I’m just getting a temporary replacement now. So I’m going to catch you all up on week 3’s book, plus other tib-bits I wanted to post about last week.

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks 

I have not read a book by Nicholas Sparks before, so this is my first taste of his work. The only thing I knew about Sparks’ books was that they usually had sad parts mostly around someone dying. Although someone does die in this book, I would consider The Lucky One to be one of his happier books. My friend was the one who suggested to read this book so I borrowed it from her and began my adventure into the world of Nicholas Sparks–the first time I’ve ventured in print and not through film.

The Lucky One in summary tells the story of Logan Thibault, a marine, who finds a photograph of a woman stuck in the sand while he is completing a tour in Iraq. He picks up the photograph in the hopes of finding it’s owner. After no one claims the photograph, he decides to keep it. While in possession of the photograph, Thibault begins to experience times of luck–not only while under fire, but also in things such as poker. After surviving multiple attacks that left others dead, Thibault’s friend Victor tells him that the photo is his lucky charm. When Thibault finishes his time with the marines, He returns home to Colorado. He later visits with his friend Victor who tells Thibault that it  is his destiny to find the woman in the photograph and that Thibault owes something to her. So Thibault sets out on a walk across the country with his new companion, a dog named Zeus. Thibault reaches North Carolina where he finally meets the woman in the. photograph–Elizabeth. Elizabeth, or Beth, is a young divorced woman with a young son. She works as a teacher, but also lives and helps her grandmother with their dog training business. Elizabeth’s ex-husband Clayton is the main nemesis of the story. The rest of the story goes through Thibault and Elizabeth’s growing relationship, as well as  a few flashbacks into Thibault’s life as a marine. The story is also told in alternating percpectives: Thibault, Beth, and Clayton’s.

I did enjoy reading the The Lucky One. It was a nice little read for me. I would consider it a beach book and it is definitely  a chick-lit book. I loved the dog Zeus in the book and the total concept of the picture bringing the main characters together. I like the interaction between the young boy and the other characters. I also enjoyed having the alternating perspectives, especially of the ex-husband’s.

Having said all that, I did have a few minor issues  with the book. The storyline was completely too predictable for me. The only time I was thrown for a loop was in one or two pages at the end. The characters were pretty stereotypical which added to the books predictability. Everything seemed just a little unrealistic or too easily fell together. The book was a nice read with a nice story, but I can see why I’m more entertained with the movie versions. The movies are chick-flicks and the actors and screenplay add a little depth to the storyline compared to the books. I will have to wait to watch the movie and compare (which I most likely will share with you all).

Overall, I did enjoy the story even with its predictability. If you are in the mood for some chick-lit or a nice easy read then I would recommend The Lucky one. If you are into comparing books and the movie version, this will also be a good pick. It was entertaining for the most part, but I don’t know if it convinced me to sample other Sparks books. If you are a Sparks lover, however, then this should be right up your alley!

Have you read The Lucky One? Are you a Nicholas Sparks lover or hater? Do you think the movie will be better or worse?



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